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Please take a moment TODAY to tell FERC to STOP this land grab and water grab!


To submit comments on the Chandler Mountain Pumped Storage proposed project, use Project Number: P-15229 and the sub-docket number is 001. The full docket number is P-15229-001. 

(NOTE:  If you are searching on FERC’s eLibrary, you will first use Project No. of P-15229 and then there is a different field for the subdocket where you enter 001.)

There are two options for submitting comments to FERC:

  • For a comment up to 6,000 characters (between 860 and 1500 words) you can submit an e-comment. This DOES NOT require creating an account with FERC.  CLICK HERE to submit your comments of up to 6,000 characters. 
  • For longer comments (more than 860-1500 words), or to post a comment on your letterhead and include attached files (photos, reports, data) you will need to eRegister with FERC to create an account, and then eFile. CLICK HERE, and then click “eRegister’ on the left hand side, Register, and then submit your comment through eComment.

PRO TIP: Use e-comment if you do not have files to attach or letterhead you want to use. Use e-file if you have photos or other files to include, or if you want to submit on letterhead.

NEED MORE HELP? CLICK HERE to watch a workshop from FERC about how to write comments.  Reach out to ARA at 205-322-6395 extension 1002 for more guidance.


CLICK HERE to download SAMPLE COMMENTS that you can edit and personalize .

CLICK HERE to download SAMPLE STUDY REQUEST that you can edit and personalize.


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